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the beginning of a dream

Bareunjangln's It started with the dream of introducing the Korean traditional dish, marinated crab, to the world.

The beginning of the dream is not just to add vegetables to soy sauce to taste, but to make soy sauce by grilling each vegetable carefully.

This hard but hard work combines a new layer of taste with our soy sauce marinated crab
The savory taste of grilled vegetables and the sweet taste of soy sauce are perfectly combined,
It creates a special flavor that's memorable

"Right on the name of the master, honest with the heart of the master"

bareunjangln'sThe industry's first handmade paste and wheat kitto create
We use the best raw materials from all over the country and select them carefully and cleanly.
We are always doing our best to make natural taste and sincere food, not seasoning taste.
So, the taste of bareunjangln is
First, low-salt soy sauce tastes deep without squeezing it with water.
Second, the low-salt seasoning boasts a cool taste by blending fruit vegetables and various ingredients without capsaicin.
The two sources that made this way completed FDA certification and completed the application of the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Hello, This is bareunjangln

Mutual growth and Trust
bareunjangin dreams of mutual growth with various local governments, companies, and organizations based on trust.  


  1. establishment of bareunjangln headquarters


  1. the establishment of a headquarters


  1. establishment of a manufacturing plant


  1. U.S. FDA Registration Date


  1. a patent application

2022.05 ~ Currently in export

  1. U.S. exports

2023.07 ~ Scheduled for export

  1. exports to China

"We will move on to the world now."

    Introducing the industry's
    first hand-made meal kit.

    bareunjangln's We are always trying to make home-style food, not seasoning, by introducing genuine handmade food by making it carefully and picky with the best raw materials in Korea.
    We are a premium handmade meal kit restaurant with the biggest strength of handmade menus.

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